# Tools

This page is dedicated to handy applications that can be used in conjunction with DaVinci Resolve.

# A

# Audio Design Desk

Audio Design Desk is to audio software what Pro Tools was to the tape machine. It’s an entirely new breed of Digital Audio Workstation that artists can play like an instrument, revolutionizing the process of adding music and sound effects to picture and cutting down what can typically be a full day project to just a few minutes. It comes bundled with 75,000 sounds embedded with patent-pending Sonic Intelligence™, using AI-assisted content creation tools to enable filmmakers, sound designers, composers, and creators to produce cinema-quality compositions at the speed of thought, giving them a level of creative control that is unmatched by any other software.

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# C

# Canister

Canister takes the hassle out of LTO.

So easy... it's like LTO for Dummies.

Keenan J. Mock, LightIron

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# Cinecred

Create beautiful film credits without the pain.

Licensed under the GPLv3, everyone can use Cinecred free of charge forever. The source code is publicly available in a GitHub Repository. Contributions, bug reports, and suggestions are welcome!

# Use Your Favorite Spreadsheet Editor

Cinecred can read the raw credits data from a Credits.xls(x) (Microsoft Excel), Credits.ods (OpenOffice/LibreOffice Calc), or Credits.csv file. Edit it with your preferred spreadsheet tool, integrating perfectly with the rest of your production workflow. Need to add a credit or fix a typo later on? Just change the spreadsheet!

# Live Visualization

While editing the credits data and its styling, Cinecred continually updates an interactive visual preview and indicates any problems with the Credits file. Optional layout guides (press the red button in the screenshot) make both learning Cinecred and styling your credits dead easy.

# Interactive Styling

All the styling options Cinecred provides might seem overwhelming at first. But the interactive nature of Cinecred—including contextual input, live application of changes, and easy reverts—make it intuitive and fun to play around with different settings and thereby explore and learn Cinecred’s styling system. In addition, a comprehensive User Guide is readily available.

# Get Started Immediately

Cinecred initializes new projects with a template that covers many common use cases. Start entering your credits straightaway and learn how to further customize them as you go.

# Flexible Design

In addition to standard use cases, Cinecred’s flexible styling system enables a wide range of layouts and designs. Whatever you have in mind, Cinecred can likely assist you in implementing it.

# Your Desired Runtime

Have to add another name, but the score has already been recorded and synced to the earlier version? Just tell Cinecred the desired runtime of the whole credits or specific sections, and it will shrink vertical gaps to exactly match it—without resorting to shimmer-prone fractional scroll speeds. Test it yourself and press the red button in the screenshot!

# Play Back at Any Time

Want to watch your credits in motion to verify your latest changes? Just like your favorite editing suite, Cinecred offers instant real-time playback at any time. No need to wait for your credits to render out. Also supported are the JKL shuttle keys.

# Manifold Delivery Options

Does your post-production workflow require ProRes, PNG sequences, or even TIFFs which you animate yourself? Do you want to send around PDFs of the credits for checks? No matter what the need, Cinecred probably has you covered. Expand the red dropdown in the screenshot to see all supported formats.

# Cinecred Is Not Opinionated

Cinecred was specifically designed to cater to every user’s needs as fully as possible, without adding bloat, making it hard to use, or requiring a steep learning curve.

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# Cleanterview

Cleanterview helps you to clean up effectively and efficiently the audio track of your videos, ideal for interviews, for video-selfie, for any occasion when there is someone talking and… you want to hear it and make it sound better!

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# CommandPost

CommandPost is a free and open source macOS application that bridges between control surfaces and software that doesn’t support them natively, such as Apple’s Final Cut Pro and Adobe’s After Effects.

It’s been downloaded over 163 thousand times, and there are over 2.6 thousands members in our Facebook Community.

It’s been translated into Arabic, Bengali, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malayalam, Norwegian, Panjabi/Punjabi, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian & Vietnamese by our awesome community.

It’s used by filmmakers, developers, scientists and macOS power users all over the world to seriously speed up mundane tasks through powerful and customisable automation tools.

For example, you can apply individual effects within Final Cut Pro or After Effects with the single tap of a button.

Powered by Lua (the same scripting language used by Blackmagic Fusion, Adobe Lightroom and even parts of Apple iOS), it's insanely customisable and powerful.

It runs natively on Apple Silicon and is fully compatible with Hammerspoon.

You can listen to Chris explain CommandPost on Final Cut Pro Radio Episode #57 and Episode #43.

# User Reviews

CommandPost and FCP are so intertwined on my day to day that I see them as one app.
Marcos Castiel BFE

As someone who doesn’t like clicking to do things, CommandPost makes my work much more likeable.
Oli Frost

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# D

# DaVinci Resolve Studio Scaling Fix

Fix Scaling issues in DaVinci Resolve Studio for FCPX and Premiere sequences imported via XML and FCPXML.

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# E

# EditingTools.io

EditingTools.io is a collection of web-based generators, scripts and converters designed for various post-production purposes. Optimized for workflows with Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, DaVinci Resolve and Apple Final Cut Pro X.

It's an AMAZING website that you should definitely check out.

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# EditReady

Since 2008, EditReady has had your back when your NLE doesn’t support your camera’s file format. And now, we're turning it up a notch with EditReady Pro!

I've been using EditReady for years. It's super fast. Very clean, and logical app. Almost perfect.

Chris Hocking - 3rd June 2023

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# evrDVR 2

Fast, Simple, Powerful...

evrDVR 2 allows you to import camera EXIF metadata into DaVinci Resolve.

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# evrExpanse 3

More powerful than ever!

How to import EXIF metadata into NLEs? How to transcode Master files and embed metadata? How to do these things in an easy and smart way?


  • Added Rating Metadata support for Canon and Panasonic Cameras.
  • Transcode Plus©: Streamlined Transcoding and Metadata Export
  • Rotate Transcoded Files Based on Source Metadata
  • Lightning-fast metadata exports with Epstein class engine
  • Final Cut Pro XML import with media file and metadata
  • Assimilate SCRATCH integration with media and metadata
  • ASC MHL integration for creating MHL’s files

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# F

# FoolCat

Beautiful, customizable, and easily shareable camera reports.

FoolCat does one thing, and it does it exceptionally well. It is an indispensable tool in my go-to toolbox.

Philip Grossman

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# FxFactory

Expand your abilities with a wide supply of effects, plug-ins & templates for Final Cut Pro & Motion. Explore your creativity using free watermarked trials. Fully functional testing gives you confidence to purchase products that fit your needs. Simply browse & install products, then manage your collection as it grows. When switching between systems, your configuration & purchase history is seamlessly available. Discover how products we deliver will improve your workflow. Watch hundreds of demonstration videos & content previews on our YouTube Channel.

Resources for Support & Developers

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# N

# NeoFinder

NeoFinder (formally CDFinder) quickly catalogs and manages your entire media and disk library, and your backup archive.

The Holy Grail of Media Asset Management (according to ZDNet).

NeoFinder keeps track of your documents, photos, songs, movies, and folders wherever they are stored.

NeoFinder is your digital treasure chest! It even manages your Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer documents.

Catalog your digital data: SSD, hard disks (internal, external, USB, FireWire, Thunderbolt, HFS+, APFS, NTFS, ExFAT, FAT32), server volumes (AFP, SMB, FTP, Dropbox, Backblaze B2), Blu-rays, LTO volumes, USB sticks, DVD-ROMs, Audio-CDs, and get a full inventory of all files, folders, and important metadata, including thumbnails for your photos, songs, video files and other documents.

Find your files NOW! Whatever you need to find, NeoFinder knows where it is! If you are a desktop user, or work in a small or large network, you stay in control of your data at any time.

I've been using NeoFinder for over a decade now. We have hundreds of external hard drives and hundreds of LTOs all catalogued.

We store our NeoFinder database on Dropbox and share it between all our staff. It's rock solid and amazing.

Chris Hocking - 6th June 2023

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# O

# OffShoot (formally Hedge)

Offload media lightning fast, whether it's video, stills or audio. Make your life easy and let Hedge do the tedious jobs.

I've been using Hedge since it first came out. It's my preferred data wrangling tool. I've used it on feature films, television shows, television commercials, music videos, and everything in-between. It's awesome.

Chris Hocking - 3rd June 2023

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# P

# PostLab

Collaborating with other editors was never this easy.

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# PostSync

More than just sync, PostSync helps prepare your macOS workstation for the daily demands of your post-production workflow.

PostSync is a multi-use tool that is designed as a macOS startup utility; syncing templates and presets, clearing caches, connecting shares, launching apps, etc. But it has many uses beyond that…

PostSync can synchronize 30 different presets and templates (plus user fonts) between several edit workstations to keep all systems current. It can also help when transitioning to working remotely by copying these files to a thumb drive and transferring them to a second workstation. Or the same function can simply be used to create a backup of these files.

PostSync can also backup and restore/transfer application general preferences from Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, After Effects and DaVinci Resolve. It makes setting up a new workstation easier.

PostSync can help with nightly cleanup of render/cache files by clearing older files by a set date. Completely customizable for any folder on your Mac.

All this can be done either manually or completely automatic using a Calendar event or launched at login.

Your choice… PostSync is built to be easy to setup and very customizable.

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# PostWatch

Alerts from Post-Production applications and macOS sent to the Pushover smartphone app.

“Is that file done yet?”

Working remotely, in the next room or out for a walk? Need to know as soon as that export or transcode is finished? Need to know about applications crashing, power going out with out knowing or drives failing or running out of space while you are away?

Now this and more is possible!

PostWatch uses the established subscription free service, for iOS and Android, Pushover to create a dedicated, clean and reliable experience for receiving alerts. What It does not do is clutter up your inbox with texts or emails that often get lost or forgotten.

PostWatch not only alerts you when 14 different Mac apps have completed exporting/encoding, it also monitors the Mac for issues; Such as accidental ejected disks, app crashes/freezes, power loss and more.

No plugins, special application settings or rendering to watch folders. (except setting a few system preferences) Export, render and transcode as you normally do and PostWatch does its magic in the background.

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# Preference Manager

Preference files store information about user preferences, window layouts, toolbar placements and launch settings. Sometimes these can become corrupted, causing problems. Preference Manager allows you to trash corrupted preferences and keep backups of working preference files in order to quickly restore your settings.

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# Pro Maintenance Tools

Pro Maintenance Tools keeps your editing system running smoothly so you can quickly get back on track in the event of a problem.

Use the diagnosis tools to determine the cause of the issue by analyzing crash logs or locating corrupt media files, then use the repair tools to fix the problem.

Pro Maintenance Tools supports Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer / Symphony and Adobe Premiere Pro for Mac.

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# Pro Media Tools

Pro Media Tools is a suite of workflow tools designed to simplify media management and streamline workflows in Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere for Mac. The suite contains tools for editing QuickTime movie metadata, watching render files, editing markers, and much more. The applications are capable of outputting a variety of file formats to suit different editing systems and workflows.

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# R

# Reactor for Fusion

Created by the We Suck Less Fusion community, i.e. the people right here, Reactor is a free and open source package manager for Fusion (Free) and Fusion Studio. Reactor streamlines the installation, distribution and management of 3rd party content for Fusion through the use of "Atom" packages that are synced with an online Git repository.

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# S

# ScopeBox

All the audio & video scopes you'd expect from hardware, and many many more. A custom toolset crafted for creative professionals - colorists, editors, DITs, and sound. Mix and match scopes, save layouts, and be confident that you're seeing every pixel and every frame of your signal.

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# Shutter Encoder

Shutter Encoder is one of the best video converter software, it handles images and audio too!

It has been designed by video editors in order to be as accessible and efficient as possible.

Shutter Encoder makes use of FFmpeg to handle its encoding, allowing support for almost every codec you’ve ever heard of, and many more you haven’t.

Don’t just take our word for it though, Avid themselves recommend Shutter Encoder as part of your Media Composer and ProTools ingesting workflow!

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# Smart Video Splitter

Smart Video Splitter is the perfect app for those who create professional or semi-professional stories with videos on social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and Snapchat.

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# U

# Ulti.Media Converter 2

The Swiss army knife for transcoding, workflow and multimedia file management.

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